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Welcome to the Green Path - a web of several eco-initiatives including organic farms, stores, eateries, eco-stays and workshops in Bangalore, Nelamangala and Coorg.


Our Mission

To create easily replicable models of sustainable living through organic farming and good food movement in order to inspire more people to adopt an Eco-conscious lifestyle.


Our Vision

To celebrate the fullness of life by honoring and preserving the natural ecology of Mother Earth as well as mankind - as part of one universe.


Earth Mother


Mr H R Jayaram,

Founder at The Greenpath

H R Jayaram, social entrepreneur and the founder of Greenpath, is a practicing lawyer, but is essentially an organic farmer at heart and by choice. His roots are firmly planted in the earth, planted by his beloved mother, Nagamma, a formidable woman and pioneer in her time, whom he fondly calls Earth Mother. Hailing from a small village near the Sathyamangalam forest in Tamil Nadu, Jayaram always had a passion for organic farming from a young age.

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