‘Green Path’ Service Apartments and ‘Green Bowl’ Restaurant, Bangalore

You are welcomed at Green Path as the “Earth People”. Your other identities simply do not matter! Often at the dining table and reception area of Green Path, you meet people in animated discussions—all of which seem to have a central theme: how to preserve the Earth better. There are environmentalists, organic farmers, researchers, eco- and- responsible tourism professionals, journalists, passionate vegans and vegetarians, and you name it—all trying to put forth their arguments on preserving the Earth better!

Are you wondering what Green Path is? 🙂 Well, Green Path is a 50-bedroom service apartment in Bangalore. Each apartment at Green Path has two or three completely furnished bedrooms with all facilities for a comfortable, homely, and eco-friendly stay. These service apartments are ideal for both short and long term stays.

Background: Green Path is the brainchild of Mr HR Jayram, a well-known organic farmer and environmentalist in Karnataka. Mr Jayram has tremendous vision. He envisages Green Path as a tool to spread the love for the Earth. Says Mr Jayram, “When we do not own anything on Earth and are simply the custodians, then why not celebrate life by loving everything and everybody as part of this Universe?!” Hurting animals for food is not ethical, he declares. Therefore, Green Path’s restaurant called Green Bowl is largely vegetarian/vegan and organic. “Largely” vegetarian because eggs are served to guests on their specific request. The restaurant is sensitized towards veganism. You can ask for vegan food and you will be understood. Milk and milk products are not encouraged; green tea and herbal tea is always available as healthier alternatives. More details about Green Bowl as you read along…….

Green Path principles:

* Promotes slow food—slow food is defined as locally-grown organic food. For example, Green Path offers you luscious farm-fresh, locally grown organic cheekus (sapota) is plentiful but not apples… apples are not a fruit of this region and are often exported from foreign countries. Slow food is characterized by the minimum expenditure of energy to reach you.

* Follows a policy of no Ajinomoto, no colouring agents, no preservatives, no frozen ingredients, no hydrogenated oils, and no baking soda in the food.

* Restricts from serving aerated drinks and colas.

* Maintains an organic kitchen garden and a 40-acre organic farm to supply the raw materials for the kitchen.

* Harvests rainwater to tend to the plants in the premises and prevent rainwater from percolating down into the sewerage.

* Maintains a bio-gas plant within the premises which supplies most of the fuel used in the kitchen.

* Outsources plastic wastes to be recycled.

* Promotes local artisans by purchasing their paintings and wall hangings for décor.

* Follows a strict policy of not selling packaged water. The kitchenettes in all apartments are fitted with RO systems.

* Offers tours to organic farms and organizes farm stays on request.

* Uses solar energy to power water heaters in the apartments.

* Provides shampoos and cosmetics in the bathrooms that are herbal, natural, organic, and handmade.

Organic produce and the price factor: We ask Mr Jayram to comment on the general notion that organic food is expensive. He explains, “The cost of organic produce has come down in the last six years, now it is more affordable than what it was before. To reduce the cost further, we need more supply chains. As people ask for organic, more supply chains will be created. The only way to beat the price is to buy organic.”

Accommodation at Green Path: Green Path can accommodate 100 persons at a time in their 50-bedroom service apartment. You must book in advance. An organic breakfast is complimentary with the package.

Conference facilities at Green Path: Green Path can offer conference facilities for 30-35 persons at a time. This includes meal facilities as well.

Green Bowl Restaurant: As said earlier, Green Bowl is Green Path’s organic restaurant that prepares slow food with certified organic products. All food is cooked in organic cold-pressed oil. Green Bowl serves traditional South Indian and North Indian food as well as Chinese and Continental food.

One unique feature of Green Bowl is that food is served on a single long dining table. However, it is also possible to have your food served in your apartment. The kitchen may have a menu but food can also be made to your preferences. Also, you may not have to necessarily stay at Green Path apartments to have food at Green Bowl. If you wish to dine at Green Bowl, you must call in advance and discuss the menu before coming. Most of the food is in any case organic and vegan, you can specifically ask for vegan desserts also. As said earlier, Green Bowl is sensitized towards veganism.